Monday, August 6, 2012

The Island - A Great Lake's Wonder

One of my favorite places, as well as my Auntie's, is Mackinac Island.

A few weeks back Steve and I and his mom and dad took the Star Line Ferry across that sparkling Lake Huron water from the dock in St. Ignace. We always choose the Star Line Ferry as every year they offer free round trip ferry services Mother's Day weekend to residents of certain Upper Peninsula and Upper Lower Peninsula counties. We appreciate that!!! All that is required of the passengers is proof of residency and canned goods for the local food pantries. It doesn't matter what time of year I travel there - winter by snowmobile when Steve and I cross the ice bridge (if there IS one, last winter there wasn't one - that stretch never froze safely for travelers), Mother's Day weekend in the spring, a warm summer day in July, or in the fall when I'll attend a Winsome Women's Convention with my mother at the Grand Hotel - it is ALWAYS beautiful and magical. Following are some pictures I took on our last visit with a caption here and there. Enjoy...

Gorgeous morning at the docks. Mackinac Island is in the distance on the left, Round Island is on the right with the shipping lanes in between.

I NEVER tire of this view!

Main street - The Lilac Tree Hotel

Fort Mackinac
For history, click here.

For any of you that have had the opportunity to visit the island,
you are aware of the beautiful meticulous flower gardens on the island - flower boxes, hanging baskets, flower beds, gardens, etc. But what is this tree/bush called?

My mom will like this picture...

We went for a carriage ride...

...and we got the front seat!'s a great seat MOST of the time if you get my drift.

Patriotic colors

The Grand Hotel

We took a break at Arch Rock.
See the bicyclists?

This was fun to me - watching these kids dive off the shoals and splash in the water.

Summertime fun!!

This was so interesting and a wonderful opportunity to experience.
It was a hot day, and the weather took it's toil on the horses. So, during our carriage ride, the horses had to be traded out for horses that were fresh and energetic. These hot, tired horses got a hose down and cool surroundings.
And I'm sure some lunch.

There they go...

...and here comes the new shift.

And off we go...

Picture perfect of what the island is all about...

Bikes everywhere...

I've posted this picture before, but I love it!

Baby Ducks!

Whether you experience the island by foot, bikes, horses, carriages, or water, (or even snowmobile), the opportunity leaves me feeling blessed to live near this beautiful area called the Straits of Mackinac.

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