Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let it Snow - please

Today is a beautiful day for December. But truthfully, my idea of a "perfect" day would be watching a blustery snowstorm through my window, cup of hot tea in hand. Sigh. But if it isn't going to snow, then it may as well be sunny and in the low 40's - like today. The last two days have been windy and in the low 20's. 

Yesterday I bundled up and took Bear and Ike on a walk to the Grizzly Den. As you can see from the pictures below, there is only a dusting of snow and the river is high and beginning to freeze along the edges.

Many of you know our home is very small - just under 600 square feet. So an indoor Christmas tree was out of the question  - for this year anyways. But not an OUTDOOR Christmas tree. The dogs helped us scout our land in search of that perfect tree to set up just outside the window of our sitting area. 

Steve hauling the perfect Christmas tree out of the woods. overgrown Charlie Brown Christmas tree. "Ike, what do you think?" All I got was the pout. So I shrugged my shoulders and unraveled the lights not knowing Steve had disappeared into the woods again. 
Then I heard the chainsaw.

And out of the woods came this beautiful tree. So now we have two trees!

Tess approves. I'm not sure where Ike went. Both trees are pretty in their own unique way. I've hung suet holders as ornaments and watch the birds fly in and out all day long.

Twinkling under the moonlight!

Now if it would just snow!
The weathermen are saying they are watching 
a storm system for Wednesday and Thursday.
So we'll keep our fingers crossed and continue doing the snow dance.

Have a great week everyone!

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