Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally...a fish or two!

As promised, I told you I would share my first fish of the summer - a rainbow trout. Don't expect too much, but hey...I got it into the boat, so to speak.

And, as promised, a picture of our Grizzly Den sign the previous owner made for us using his chainsaw.

Yesterday was such a fine Saturday morning, we decided to take our breakfast and coffee down to the river where Hubby started a nice roaring fire that burned throughout the day.

After breakfast, and then coffee with a neighbor that stopped by on his four-wheeler, I grabbed my pole and told Hubby I was going fishing. In the pole went, and out came the above fish! Hubby said he was inspired and grabbed his pole.

Well, he always has to do me one up...

A real nice brook trout.

By the end of the day, 5 fish within four hours of fishing. 
Hubby - 3 and me - 2. 
We had us supper.

Hubby cleaned and I seasoned...

We cooked them over an open fire on a tripod. Mmm, Mmm, were they good! Even our friend, Trapper Bob, who entertains fish fries like you wouldn't believe, stopped by just as dinner was being served, and admittedly approved of our fish vittles and asked for my seasonings! Blush.

A perfect ending to a perfect day...on our 1.5 mile trek from the Grizzly Den to our cabin, we had to wait for a black bear to get off the trail so we could continue on our way. He had a beautiful white diamond on his chest and was in no hurry to get off the trail and walk through the thick woods! But eventually he let us pass. Sorry, I was too excited to fumble through my things and find the camera to give you proof of this guy.

It wasn't this bear, he was in our yard two summers ago.
But about the same size bear.

We had to take a short trip below the bridge today, and wow, was it storming in the UP. 
This is us on the bridge looking north. 
We had already passed through.

And this is looking south.

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Yes, please do share that spice recipe!