Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Dust-free Day!

And I'm not talking about a clean house either!

We received a much needed downpour on Tuesday. Yesterday was overcast, drizzling at times, yet the weatherman promised it would clear up. So it was the PERFECT day to take our four-wheelers on a ride. Hubby usually leads the way, so I eat a majority of the dust. But not yesterday! It was a dust-free day!

First, we made a pit stop at the Grizzly Den...

so I could inspect Hubby's finished floor!

Then we were off!

Blueberries are a little scarce this year and a bit smaller.
We usually wait until mid-August to pick.

Then we took a break at one of our favorite spots. We don't know the name of this lake. We call it Polaris Pond. Can you see how it's getting darker? Well, after this shot, the rain fell. So much for clearing skies...we headed into the closest town for cover and caught up with some of the locals at our favorite watering hole. Once the rain stopped, we headed for the gas station.

Patriotic, isn't it?

A pleasant surprise when we took an unfamiliar trail! A gorgeous peaceful lake in the middle of nowhere.

I guess the weatherman was right!

Following Hubby.

And look! I stayed clean today!

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